Hello, my name is Robert Glen, and I am a graduate of Computer Games (Software Development); a BSc(Hons) degree of which I have a first class honours in. I program in C++, C# and have knowledge of OpenGL and DirectX 11 as well as SDL and Win32. I have also made plenty of unity games and an Unreal Engine 4 game too! And have some experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as can be seen on this website.

Source Code

If you are interested in seeing any source code (or maybe even my dissertation), feel free to send me an email at with the names of specific projects you want to see. Please be aware however, that I am not willing to provide source code to absolutely anyone (primarly due to potential plagerism issues that could arise from University work being copied).

University Year 3 Show-reel

University Year 2 Show-reel